The Xbox Series X | S without internet is paperweights, and should be changed for John Linneman –

John Linneman, Eurogamer Pen and Digital Foundry, started a somewhat controversial discussion on Twitter, focusing on the new term Xbox Series X | S Will be. According to his experience, in fact, Microsoft’s new consoles, Without internetThey are gods Firmacart. That is why it must be changed.

According to some of the people participating in the discussion, Microsoft was going to silently enter those restrictions that caused a lot of noise in Xbox One time:Always online. In fact, it shouldn’t be exactly the case that games are supposed to start, but Microsoft’s selection method, for many, is still a bit uncomfortable. One of them is Linneman. In fact, the colleague complains that the new Xbox consoles need an online connection in order to properly configure themselves. Without the internet the first start cannot be completed. Even for internal SSD format, you need internet, something that makes reselling or repairing the console much more difficult. Boring thing in 2021, which could become a real limitation in a few years, when Xbox Series X servers get disconnected | S in offline mode.

Linneman is excited, too retroactive Already expected several problems that could arise in several years if he were to mess around with Xbox Series X | S as it does today with NES or MegaDrive. As we said, this choice will also make the fixes more complicated, but above all it creates difficulties for all those who for one reason or another do not have a reliable connection at hand for a newly purchased Xbox configuration.

He also believes the physical media advantage will be lost, making the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S “two sheets of paper” if there is no connection. “The problem here is that the Xbox is gods Firmacart Without internet. Will not work. It is not possible to purchase a new system and use it offline. This is something that must change. That’s allLinneman Books.

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