The worst is over, as shown in 3 graphs

Covid in Europe: The defining moment is in early May.

I Europe UnionAnd, especially in the western part of the continent, it is heading towards a critical stage in the fight against the epidemic.

The closures and restrictive measures imposed from March to April – and are still partly ongoing – have had a strong impact on the economy and morale of the population. The first quarter of 2021, for example, confirmed lower GDP in estimates.

Now, however, the acceleration Vaccination rates Leaves room for optimistic prospects: deciphering the blocks e Revive economies.

NileEurope Target of Coronavirus disease, The worst seems to have passed: 3 charts confirm this.

Europe: Vaccination speeds up

Finally, the good news they were waiting for Vaccines in Europe.

The Germany And theItaly They administered a record number of doses this week and France He is betting that faster vaccinations will lead to a gradual return to normal life.

Across the European Union, there is growing optimism The worst is over, Even as the authorities continue to fight the third wave.

A Bloomberg / John Hopkins diagram illustrates this: A change in pace is taking place.

PES Europe vaccines

More vaccinations mean, first and foremost, a guaranteed health status and a way out of an emergency. And, of course, a boost to the economy. Allowing businesses to reopen on a large scale will be catalytic growth. This is a priority need in Europe, which fell into one Double slump in the beginning of the year.

The United States, which is advancing in vaccinating its population, recorded a much stronger performance in the first quarter, helped by an increase in consumer spending.

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It will also help normal life in everyday life and business activities Save companiesAnd jobs and incomes that have been threatened by persistent obstacles.

For those politicians facing elections – like the conservative chancellor Angela Merkel In Germany – this is the main criterion for restoring the support of a disappointed electorate.

The supply of doses is increasing in Europe

A critical aspect of restoring the Old Continent is providing adequate vaccines. So far this has been Europe’s Achilles heel, hampered by delays in supplies and stoppages in administration.

After the previous deficiency, vaccine doses are now starting to flow. Deliveries to the European Union are expected to nearly quadruple 400 million doses In the second quarter led by Pfizer / BioNTech.

In the graph of the European Union Commission, there is a forecast on supplies: the second quarter (green) should mark a turning point.

Delivery of vaccine doses to Europe

European Commissioner Thierry Breton said vaccine production capacity has doubled every month since January. The European Union will have sufficient doses for a complete immunization 70% of adults By mid-July.

Holger Schmidding, Berenberg’s chief economist, commented:

“The Eurozone economy hit its lowest level on a double-dip in February … We expect a Strong recovery From May onwards ”

Europe: More and more people are being vaccinated

With larger and faster supplies, European Union countries are preparing to vaccinate at higher rates.

Where are we? In Europe, most countries gave at least one dose 20-25% of the population. A Bloomberg chart shows that immunization is accelerating (with darker blue, graft percentage going up):

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Population who took at least one dose - Europe

The Germany More than 2 million doses were administered during a two-day period this week.

Vaccinations in France It has undergone a great acceleration. About the 22% of the population He received at least one dose and Macron promised that all available adults would be vaccinated by the end of the summer.

L ‘Italy Administering nearly 500,000 doses of the vaccine on Thursday, April 29th, to meet the main goal set by the prime minister Mario Draghi To ease restrictions.

General Francisco Paolo Figliolo stated that 60% of Italians It will be fully vaccinated by mid-July.

In Spain, the government aims to vaccinate 70% of the population by the end of August.

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