The World Cup in Qatar for the first time, three women referees in the World Cup: “The Merit Choices”

These are the French Frappart, the Rwandan Mukansanga and the Japanese Yamashita. Collina, Chair of the FIFA Referees Committee: “So we can clearly point out that it is quality, not gender, that makes the difference.” Orsato will be in Italy

It will be the World Cup 2022 for the first time from the point of view of the referees. Stephanie Frappart (France), Salima Mukansanga (Rwanda) and Yoshimi Yamashita (Japan) will be the three judges, while Noisa Pak (Brazil), Karen Diaz Medina (Mexico) and Catherine Nesbitt (USA) will be the three assistant referees. She will represent the role of women in the Qatar World Cup. Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, commented on the event approvingly: “We are very happy. It all concludes a long process that began several years ago with the development of the women’s division. So we can clearly point out that it is quality to make a difference and not gender. I hope that it will be considered The future to appointing elite referees for men’s competitions is normal and no longer exciting. They deserve to be involved in the World Cup because they have consistently performed at a high level and that is the key factor for us.”

Orsato too

Then again for the first time: the one presented by expert Daniele Orsato who will make his debut as a Match Manager, having participated in the 2018 edition as VAR. In addition, three referees and three assistants were selected by FIFA. Men’s competition. Orsato will be the only Italian who manages to blow the whistle in the tournament; Carbone and Gellalatini will assist him while Irati, who was Phar in the final in 2018, and Valerie have been selected for the video room. In total, there will be 36 referees, 69 assistants and 24 referees to be chosen from among six confederations. Three preparatory seminars are scheduled for the summer in Asuncion, Madrid and Doha, where the controversial episodes will be reviewed and training sessions held. It must be emphasized that in the previous review, Var was chosen mostly from Europe and South America due to the limited spread of technology, while this time they will come from all over the world.

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