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Perugia – May 24, 2021 – It will be celebrated on May 27 all over the world International Day of Emergency and Emergency MedicineFor the fourth year in a row. hospital Perugia For this occasion, I produced a video documenting the actions of the emergency zone carried out by the 118 health professionals and the emergency department under the management of Dr. Paulo Grove. The purpose of this day, promoted by the European Society of Emergency and Emergency Medicine, is to draw the attention of the general public to the importance of this discipline within the public health systems of all countries to ensure professionalism and quality of care.

The main theme of this year’s campaign revolves around the slogan “We are always there for you” to denote the continuity with which the Emergency Department and Emergency Systems 118 systems guarantee 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for everything. The year. Thanks to the commitment of doctors, nurses, social workers and health workers who “choose” this job every day. They are not heroes, but they are fully convinced that they are making “the most beautiful health profession in the world”.

The video prepared by Perugia Hospital wanted to specifically highlight this aspect of normality in the professional choice of all emergency operators, but at the same time it would like to motivate the public to reflect on the importance of this service to collective health and the need to preserve, defend and respect it.

“The period we’ve been through has put us in the face of many challenges,” says Dr. Paolo Grove, Director of Emergency and Emergency Department at Perugia Hospital and Italian Liaison Person at EUSEM – forcing us to enjoy organizational flexibility that we have never experienced before. All this, however, It also allowed us to reflect on the importance of our work and create new cohesion around our core identity: to be engaged in emergencies. “

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