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Curfew, Conte with Lita vs. Salvini: Giallorossi challenged the League

Enrico Leta first, then Giuseppe Conte. A double movement with one goal: Matteo Salvini. For the Democratic Secretary, it has “transcended the normal political debate”. The former prime minister defines the League’s position as “pretending to be dissent” as “intolerable”. Whether inside or outside, it is the line that unites the return of the “yellow and red” axis in most of Mario Draghi. The two, Lita and Conte, often listen to each other and today the challenge facing the Carroccio leader is embodied in one point: Fdi’s agenda on curfew. What will the league do in the courtroom? It’s a “provocation” of Lita and Conte. “I have seen that Salvini is campaigning – as Lita says on Radio Imagina – that goes beyond legitimate and normal political debate. When you petition a decision taken by the government and you are a part of it, then it happens that Meloni takes it seriously and now we will see what Salvini will do …”. Conte addresses the delegation of the League government: “What will the ministers of the League do now? Will they queue to sign the anti-curfew propaganda initiative launched by the leader of their party yesterday, or will he distance themselves?” Lita and Conte “blow off” the internal competition in the right-of-center. Fdi’s proposal on a curfew, like the motion to distrust Minister Roberto Speranza, puts the League in trouble with an implicit call to move from words to action. Tensions confirmed by PDP Secretary and former Prime Minister by moving in harmony. Today, in plastic, he indicates a promotion in the possible common front that Nasiri is working on in light of administrative and administrative policies. “When you are in government – says Lita – the speeches you give have consequences and the words must follow the facts. Yesterday when I said,“ Either you are in the government or in the opposition, ”I said something in my opinion related to the quality of the work that we must do together during “The next two years, I think it will be beneficial to all. I am not opening an argument to appear, but in the interest of this adventure for the Government of National Unity.” Conte moves in a queue: “Using an individual’s position to collect privileges and benefits, while avoiding burdens and responsibilities, is as easy as it is unfair and unfair.” And sit among the seats of the majority to get advantages, to determine medals and plant flags. ” The former prime minister also spoke of the curfew point at 22, explaining “confidence in the review” as quickly as possible, as soon as the data allows. A way to defuse the “narration” between openers versus penalty takers. The coordinator of Democratic Labor mayors, Matteo Ricci, told Repubblica: “Salvini is indifferent about the curfew, the only thing that interests him, that he is terrified of, is Meloni. However, the government made a communication mistake: it had to. To make it clear that it takes fifteen days to be extra careful not to give up on the efforts made so far, after which the 10 pm limit will be adjusted. Salvini – In the evening, the leader of the league responded. The question is one: But Lita and Conte who threaten and insult, do they trust the Italians or not? – Salvini said – We can give women and men the freedom to go out and work day and night, at least in yellow areas and under control, or do we keep everyone at home indefinitely No to curfews, yes to health, work and freedom. I trust Italians. ” The League does not intend to abandon the curfew. He is working, according to sources on Via Bellerio, to “cancel” the CDM. Tomorrow afternoon in the hall, in the room, the agenda that Fdi submitted to Covid DL will be examined, which will be voted on after the vote on Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s communications regarding the recovery plan. What will Caruccio do? Salvini’s party, according to the same sources, supports the idea that nothing in the agendas can be abolished. However, in any case, the university first wants to read the text of the agenda and then make a decision about what to do.

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