The wooden giant has arrived in Australia

There are some journeys that are destined to enchant our hearts and stay forever. These are adventures you invite us to Push us to the ends of the world To explore and explore regions, cultures, traditions and populations that are very far from us. And arriving in Australia, at any time of the year and in all seasons, really means making the trip of a lifetime.

There are so many things to do and see here. Starting from those boundless regions where nature is the absolute protagonist, passing through majestic coastlines and cities full of life. A trip to Australia is a dream come true.

And this boundless spectacle that opens before the eyes of travelers arriving in Mandurah, V.I Western part of Australiathere where you want Wooden giants welcome themTo tell the story of the region, its beauty and its inhabitants.

Welcome to Mandurah

Our journey today takes us to Mandurah, a dynamic and populous coastal city located in the province Western part of Australia, in the Peel area and about 70 kilometers from Perth. There are many people who come here every year to enjoy the city’s wonderful beaches and the laid-back, laid-back atmosphere that has made Mandurah such a favorite destination Perth residents who come here to enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

But The beaches are not the only attractions Tourists are here in the city, because a whole series of landscapes of amazing beauty revolve around it. And this is exactly what can satisfy The famous giants of Mandurahwooden statues of unusual heights and majestic features created by the Danish artist Thomas Dumbo.

Statues placed in Mandurah and Subiaco cities, a delightful suburb rising around Rokeby Road, is in various places and secrets revealing to travelers the curiosities and traditions of the locals. To accompany tourists in the itinerary of these wonders there Ben Jarbrangers of the Peel region who are ready to share all the stories about the region and the locations where the giants reside.

More than just a fair, Giants of Mandurah is a true fair immersive experience Which allows travelers of all ages and from all over the world to touch the extraordinary beauty of Australian shrubplants, animals, and inhabitants.

Mandurah giants

It was the artwork of the giants of Mandurah Opened in November 2022 As we expected, it bears the signature of the Danish artist, Thomas Dambo. It is a series of huge wooden sculptures, each up to five meters high, which represent the region in all respects and the stories related to it.

I knew EnvironmentalistsThe wooden giants have their own personality inspired by and connected to the local community and people. The goal is Celebration of diversityThe beauty and significance of nature through handicrafts and recycled materials, which have become hotspots for the exploration trip.

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