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From an illegal immigrant forced to be a servant to an Olympic champion

Hussein Abdi Kahin: This is Mo Farah’s real name. At the age of eight or nine, while he was living in Somalia with his parents and two brothers, It was transferred to Djibouti. He is from this country in East Africa Then he flew to Great Britain With an unknown woman with whom he has no family ties, he secretly entered the UK by giving him another name and false documents.

I was so happy She was taken to the woman’s flat in Hounslow, west London, to be tapped and cleaned in exchange for room and board.. “For years I kept this story in my heart,” explained the middle-distance runner, who always claimed to have come from Somalia with his parents as a refugee, when in fact his family of origin had never set foot in England. His father was killed when he was four years old.

In those years away from his family, Mo Farah revealed, “That woman tore the piece of paper with her relatives’ contacts right in front of me and threw it in the trash. At that moment I realized I was in trouble. If I wanted to see your family again, he would tell me not to say anything.” Turning point at 12, when he enrolled in seventh year at Feltham Community College. And so comes, over time, the unexpected “happy ending” and redemption in a new sporting life: from an illegal immigrant forced to be servant to Four times Olympic champion At 5000 and 10,000 meters (2012 and 2016). This is the incredible story of middle-distance runner Mo Farah, told in a documentary produced by BBC and Red Bull Studios.

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