The Witcher: Season 2 will release in 2021

After the first season is finally successful Netflix She announced that the series the magician, 158 days after the start of production, Filming for season two has ended. the last one It will be available by the end of 2021 In all countries where the broadcasting service is active, hopefully the pandemic will not force the chain to an abrupt delay.

For those who don’t know it, the magician It is a fictional series based on the best-selling saga of the same name that he wrote Andrei Sapkovsky. The series deals with the story of some of the characters who find themselves traveling in a land full of magic and many frightening races and monsters. With their destinies to be crossed many times giving life to juveniles of all kinds. Books have also been taken from Epic video games Developed by Red Projekt CD.

The series was filmed in 15 different locations United kingdom It saw the participation of 89 cast members, including avatars New arrivals, About 1,200 crew members and tons of new monsters. Today only Netflix He released a special video from the group, showing the excitement of several cast and crew to complete the filming of this highly anticipated sequel.

In the second season of the magician, And convinced that Yennifer He died in an epic battle Sudin HillAnd Geralt de Rivia He decides to bring up Characteristic In the safest place he knows, the home of his childhood, Kerr Morhn. Then, as the battles continue for supremacy in the kingdom, our hero will have to deal with the immense power contained within the princess.

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The world’s most famous entertainment streaming service, which is active in more than 190 countries, will definitely try to beat the excellent work done in the first season. For the world of video games, it would definitely be an impressive achievement, even if TV series are different from games, since the inclusion of video games in other media often has not achieved much success.

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