The winning wage will be changed by the skins that fans hate –

Recently players It is an electronic game They complained about having a customizable look inside the battle royale, allowing you to create your own look All-black figure Hence, it is almost invisible in some environments. Although this is indirectly rendeva la skin “pay to win”, As it gave an advantage to players who paid to buy it. Now, Epic Games promises to solve the problem.

you can see Some examples of the benefit of this skin in a tweet Are at the bottom. As written in the tweet, players on the console cannot remove Shadows, so they have no way to banish the Skin Advantage from opponents. Players then flooded Reddit and other social media to ask Epic Games to solve the problem. Then the official Epic employee account responded by saying so The team “takes care of him” And thanks everyone for reporting the problem.

Unfortunately, this does not tell us when and above all in what way the problem will be solved. Epic can be related to skins that players buy regularly They find themselves forced to compensate usersAfter modifying the product they have purchased.

At the moment we can’t do anything but wait for new information from Epic Games themselves. We also report that a Fortnite Crew bug is preventing you from obtaining V-Bucks.

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