The Wild Update arrives in 2022, a huge update with many new features –

Maine Craft Will expand greatly in 2022 with arrival wild updatereal update enormous Which will add many more features to the Mojang game, with the arrival of new crowds, environments, materials, things and more.

The Wild Update is expected to arrive after the completion of the update currently underway, which should be completed with the arrival of Caves & Cliffs: Part 2, expected by the end of 2021 and possibly between November and December 2021, pending a date. more accurate.

Mojang’s new promises PlayAnd more depth and a lot more fun” with The Wild Update, which really looks like the ‘next big thing’ to come to the world of Minecraft, which at the same time continues to enjoy its usual success.

With The Wild Update, it will come, among other things, a new biome consisting of Mangrove, or mangrove forests, I’m just saying. It is a swampy area where dense vegetation grows directly above the water, which includes a new ecosystem with different organisms and materials.

In this biome, in addition to water and new plants, we also find frogs, which have long been requested by the public, and other creatures such as tadpoles. New boats will be found, which will be indispensable for exploring the area, as well as additional materials for editing and features. Among the innovations brought by Mangrove, there is also a new type of wood, clay blocks, and a new tree regeneration system that allows you to replant them in an unprecedented way.

Another vital area will be how dark are you, located underground and centered on the ruins of an ancient civilization to be discovered. These areas also contain new blocks called Skulk and host a new and annoying horde, The Evil Warden: it is a blind enemy but reacts to vibrations, so it becomes necessary to move in a subtle and silent way to avoid it.

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