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Final days of the race in Qatar: two this week, two after that, then the 2020-21 season is over, we’ll talk about it again in October for the 2021-22 season. Between one and the other, Alberto Sana will return to Italy full time. And this time with … a first-class ticket: In fact, a first-class contract. Luigi and Giuseppina Roveda, who had their horses trained by Raphael Biondi in Milan (but now also some horses by Maurizio Guarnieri in La Taste de Boch in France), focused on the 36-year-old Sardinian knight after he decided to put an end to the fruitful relationship In recent years with Andrea Mesatista. Alberto, who will depart in Doha today, will return to Italy on Friday the 23rd, just in time for the race’s final weekend in April.

“I will stay in Qatar until the last day of this season, also for the validity of the commitments that I have already made. It does not seem right to me to leave everything and everyone who always respects me. I will return for next season: I believe that justice and fairness in life always pays off.”

There are four conferences remaining to complete the season that Alberto will conclude as captain.

“ The ranking is based on the sums he’s won (anyway, his successes are 53 so far), I actually won it in February after winning six races in the most important meeting, the Prince’s Festival, which improved Harry Bentley’s record when he got first Once by Qassem Ghazali.I tried to break the absolute record of money won (which Bentley himself achieved in the 2014-2015 season – ed), but I would only be able to be second ever to exceed 8,150,000 riyals of the sums won in Season 1: Taking that into account in total. It will have met in 48 days, it’s not bad … ”

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Even that in Qatar was a comeback, for Sana, after three seasons in Hong Kong as a roller coaster: two dangerous crashes (in October 2018 he fell off his bike and in March 2019 on horseback), great race satisfaction (for all the victories with Southern Legend in Group 3) At Sa Sa Ladies’ Purse in November 2019), and finally a vehicle commentary that the local Jockey Club deemed unconvincing. This final episode kept Alberto away from the former British colony and also kept him out of the race. A message from him on social media, after the great victory on February 20 with Nour Al-Hawa in the first group in the Emir Cup, I attached all his thoughts.

“I went back to where I left to fulfill a dream that might not have been mine. I thought Hong Kong would be the pinnacle of my career and instead it was a nightmare. I never appreciated and maybe I didn’t appreciate them either, I met quite a few real people there and that was a great lesson because Any negative experience makes you stronger.If you are here today to celebrate these victories, it is thanks to my wife (Roberta, who has two children – Ed) who was always the only person who believed in me even when I thought it was over, my friends Sauro, Simon and Matteo who are always here from For me, to George Michalides, who believed in my abilities: With Nour Al-Hawa, we presented ourselves with a great season (three more victories, before the Prince’s Cup) ».

And now Italy, after the arcs … under the radar of last year (10 wins in 95 races, all of little significance from mid-June to early October). Coni of Roveda’s horses (above all Elisa Again, Agnes, Zelandia, and Fayathaan) and another mountain that will find his Italian agent, Andrea Arbau.

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“I will try to do my best, because many may remember Alberto Sana ten years ago … who was little more than a kid with important coaches and stables behind him, Borromeo, Nova Spara, Dormillo, but who was the Italian classic that always blames others or bad Luck .. I walked away and started from scratch, I realized that luck is made with dedication, work and sacrifice. I made a lot of experience, and for better or for worse, I always did a good job in the countries I was in. I also changed my physical appearance: an underestimated element in Italy, But to be a good rider you have to be a good athlete (and he makes the kilometer on the bike) to ensure the horses perform at their best. “

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