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the weather. Tropical Cyclone Seroga hit Western Australia. The city was almost destroyed by the earth

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Serious damage to Calpari due to Hurricane Seruga (Photo: dexi_jo via Twitter)
Serious damage to Calpari due to Hurricane Seruga (Photo: dexi_jo via Twitter)

The Tropical Cyclone Seroga It affected the west coast of Australia on Sunday evening, by the equivalent Class 3 And winds that exceeded 170 km / hr. The effects were devastating to say the least. The landing took place near the small town of Kalbarri, of about 1,500 people, on the coast about 1,500 meters north of Perth. Half of the homes were severely damaged, and many were completely destroyed From wind fog and rain that we have not seen for at least 50 years, according to local sources.

More than 30,000 homes were left without electricity between Calbary, Geraldton, Northampton, Dongara, Port Denison and Mollewa. Sewers were also damaged in Kalbarri And telephone lines, while the wind uprooted several trees.

The center of the hurricane is now moving inward, northwest and southeast, after losing some of its energy. But it is still very active and capable of causing bad weather with very strong winds Until it stretches about 400 kilometers east of Perth. Fortunately, these are sparsely populated areas, but the impacts will still be significant and there may be landslides, landslides and floods in waterways at least until Tuesday, when It will appear again on the southern coast It would threaten Esperance County, where 10,000 people reside.

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