the weather. The storm intensifies Seruga and hits Australia. It will become a Tropical Hurricane “3B Meteo”

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Storm Seruja seen from the satellite
Storm Seruja seen from the satellite

After training in Indonesia, where the training took place a few days ago Very serious floods with dead and missingTropical Storm Seruja headed southwest, flowing over the warm waters of the southern Indian Ocean parallel to the coast of Western Australia, from which they have maintained a safe distance until now. It will continue to intensify and over the next 48 hours it will develop into hurricane, Equivalent to Class 1. The step will be short and by the end of the week it will reach the equivalent Category 3 by rerouting and targeting the western coasts of Australia.

It is expected between the last hours of the week and the first of the next Land in the vicinity of TamalaIt, a Western Australian resort, has lost some of its energy but still Winds of up to 200 km / h and torrential rains. A major concern relates to the post-landing phase of the Seruga, when it enters the interior of Western Australia.

The planned route to Seruga
The planned route to Seruga

Here it may lead to conditions Bad weather With very heavy rain and consequent rain Landslides From the ground, in addition to Floods Waterways, blackouts and difficulties in road connections before their effects are exhausted in the first days of next week.

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