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the weather. Australia, a cold, rainy summer with La Nina who just finished «3B Meteo

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L ‘The summer I just spent in Australia was rainy and relatively cold as wellThe coldest in nine years so far, and it’s decidedly hot. Compared to 1960-1990, according to the Australian National Weather Service, summers are just above an average of 0.06 ° C with maximum temperatures of 0.28 ° C below average; It can be concluded that the season is a period of respite compared to the previous two summers which remain the hottest on record.

It was also a rainy summer, The heaviest rain in the past four years, and the third rain on record since 1900. The wettest summer since 2016-2017 came after two hot and dry seasons that caused a strong and extensive drought at the roots of the catastrophic fires; Precipitation was 29% above average.

This situation could be related to La Niña. It must be said that the cooling effect of La Niña, both in Australia and the world, can mask the basic warming signal that is occurring due to contemporary climate change.

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