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The Washington Post: “Trump’s men moved boxes of other classified files the day before the FBI raid.”

New details appear in the story Top secret documents was found beforeFBI Inside the residence of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. As revealed Washington Postthe day before the infamous federal house raid pole Some of their employees have movable funds with the others confidential files: Timing according to the investigators involved in conducting examinations on the behavior of the former president during his term in office White Housecan be interpreted as a potential impediment to the ongoing investigation.

According to reports, Trump and his collaborators also held a “rehearsal” for the movement of sensitive documents even before his office received the May 2022 authorization, as if the prospect of research had been on the table from the start. Begins. Prosecutors also collected evidence that Trump sometimes kept confidential documents in his office where they were located Visible Sometimes he would show them to others.

during an attack Federal office They are found Hundreds of documents which are in the hands today Ministry of Justice The American who does all the necessary checks. Among these files, there were not only declassified files, as Trump announced, but more than one 300 top secret documents Of these, the 700 pages are top-ranked only in boxes taken from the National Archives in January. Pages that have the Ministry of Justice and office It was only accessible in May, which triggered an alarm to recover as soon as possible all documents still in circulation and capable of being compromised, if in the wrong hands, National Security from the United States.

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