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The wall divides life on the US-Mexico border

The so-called Title 42 is the rule that prohibits entry of immigrants for reasons of health security. In the midst of the pandemic, the Trump administration has used it to force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico without crossing the border. Biden decided to lift the embargo effective May 23: an option supported by progressives, but opposed by the moderate wing of Democrats, who fear repercussions for the midterm elections. Title 42 reduced the number of those trying to enter the United States illegally, but significantly increased entry attempts: Because the Coronavirus Act, in fact, does not provide for criminal prosecution in case of violation, many undocumented immigrants have tried Violation of boundaries several times, emphasizing not to risk a return to criminality. (America vs: Statistics – PODCASTS Files)

Friendship Garden


“America Contrao”, Sky TG24 tells about the polarization of American society

A quarter of undocumented immigrants in the United States live in California. In California, in San Diego County, there is Friendship Park, the famous place where the border barrier plunges into the Pacific Ocean. Here, for a long time, Mexicans residing on both sides of the border were able to meet and hug. However, the park was closed for a few years, despite protests and the activity of a group of volunteers who pledged to reopen.

Esveydi is a Mexican girl who entered the United States at the age of three. He had not seen his mother for eighteen years, and decided to meet her in the Friendship Garden despite the restrictions. We followed.

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