“The Wagner Group is recruiting sick prisoners”

Kyiv has reportedly sounded the alarm that a Russian mercenary group, the Wagner, has begun recruiting prisoners with serious infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis C, into Russian prisons.

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Ukrainian intelligence denounced

This fact was denounced by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, according to which it is a common practice for this private security company, which is present in many world conflicts, especially in Africa. According to information from Ukrainian intelligence, as reported by Ukrinform, the Wagner group will force conscripted prisoners to wear colored bracelets so that they can distinguish between sick and healthy soldiers. About a hundred ex-prisoners suffering from at least one of these diseases, and recruited within the penal colony of Metallostroy City, would be so.

Ukraine has confirmed that cases of captured enemy soldiers have already been confirmed with hepatitis C or HIV. Among the soldiers who are forced to serve alongside the wounded, discontent with this situation is growing. Ukrainian intelligence confirmed that it is known that Russian doctors systematically refuse to provide help to people with hepatitis or HIV. According to the Ukrainian authorities, the mercenaries in the ranks of Wagner, who are currently on the territory of Kyiv, number at least 8 thousand.

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