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The Voice of Voices – Noam Chomsky / US Totalitarism

In the United States today, democracy is panting. Freedom of information is practically abolished, and Americans are forced to live under the mantle of “democratic totalitarianism”.

Yes, because the levers of leadership, for twenty years, have been firmly in the hands of the “Democrats” (sic), after Trump’s arc today under the magnifying glass CIA And the FBI (In all likelihood to stop a possible presidential re-nomination of pole).

Too heavy health claims about “freedom and democracy” in the United States are from one of the greatest thinkers alive, who still has the phosphorous and courage to spare and does not fear the consequences for his “career”: it is Noam Chomskywho was interviewed by an attentive American blogger, Russell Brandauthor audio notationUnder the skin ‘.

Here are the highlights of Chomsky’s designer’s intervention.

“The United States today lives in a kind of totalitarian culture, which did not exist in my life and is much worse than in the Soviet Union before Gorbachev.”

Words that are as heavy as rocks and that everyone should think carefully about.

Russell Brand. Above, Noam Chomsky

In the 1970s, citizens of the Soviet Union had access to BBCto me ‘America’s VoiceGerman television, if they want to know the news.”

“If today you are in the United States you want to know the Russian Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov He says, it’s something you can’t do. It is prohibited, censored. Americans are not allowed to listen to what the Russians are saying.”

I don’t have access to Russian TV, I don’t have access to Russian sources. This means that good journalists like Chris Hedgesone of the best programs, has been excluded – and all Americans are also excluded from the information – because they are denied access to programs on RT, as well as other Russian TVs.”

“You want to know what the opponents are saying, which is very important … but the United States has restricted most basic freedoms of access to information, which is out of reality and even beyond what happened after Stalin and the Soviets. Russia.”

Anyone in the United States who would dare to break the Democratic Party’s line on today’s dominant issue, Ukraine, is simply diabolical. It cannot be sent to the Gulag, it is still a “free” country, but it can hardly speak. And all of this has very serious repercussions.”

I see, Atlantis is super from our house, it’s pathetic Enrico Letta These days to bibitaro-steward from Saint Paul Jigno de Mayo?

But a strong doubt arises, especially about the former owner of the Ministry of the Interior: will he read anything to Chomsky?

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