The Voice of Politics – 11/04/2022

the voice of politics

Asprella (General Practitioner) writes to former advisor to Lyon


To my colleague Rocco Luigi Leon,
Former Health Adviser of the Basilicata District,
Regional advisor at Fratelli di Italia.
The political news about the regional government in recent weeks has been colored by so many curtains that it is difficult not to touch it and not to miss some thoughts that I would like to share with all citizens.
I followed with curiosity your latest political and administrative events with a distinctive view of the field in which I live every day like you: health care, and especially local medicine.
Before going into this topic, I would like to make a hypothesis: three years ago the capitulation to the regional government of your coalition did not fill joy, because of my different political affiliation, even if, as you know, today “rot in Denmark” is everywhere, both on the right and on the left, As well as diamond points. However, the news of your appointment as a Regional Health Adviser gave me hope.
Why would you ask? Well, the health advisor, the local doctor, could have meant a revolution in general medicine – primary care in Basilicata.
I am a general practitioner, you are a free choice pediatrician, we both know what it means to be in the sector and to be in our territory: to know the population, the specific problems of the area, the active structures, the current and neglected services, the personnel, the personnel issues, the necessary training, the resources, the projects, and I can Continuation.
In these two years of tenure, given your knowledge and skills, what improvements have you made? I am trying to locate them.
The pandemic was a global emergency and it showed the limits of every sector, including health care, and widened inequality between regions: these difficulties would have been an additional reason to revolutionize our medicine and the engine should have been activated to lift the planet up. But this was not true. Let’s go in order.
General Practitioners During Illness: Vigilance, Telephone Allowance, Vaccines
General practitioners, like all health professionals, were going through a moment of confusion at the start of the Covid wave, hit by the unknown disease and being at the forefront of patients. And many went on to work without holding themselves back; I, like many others, have always kept the studio open.
Did you watch that happen? Did you call us, support us? No you did not.
Moreover, the dial has proven to be a valuable tool, especially in small municipalities, where in most cases the doctor does not reside. However, there was and is no obligation to provide this kind of help: why didn’t you consider renewing your phone allowance? Imagine if we all closed the study and unplugged the phone. What will happen to patients in small countries far from continuous medical care?
Finally, we made ourselves ready to vaccinate patients in studies, in vaccination centers and at home: we took responsibility, but without the protection of health work, without contract and without economic recognition sufficiently disciplined in scope and in methods of cognition. , to the difference in the field of hygiene.
Well, yes, in Basilicata, unlike in other regions, no decision was made to organize our support for vaccinations and we worked only out of service, the same thing that refreshes us every day.

Continuity of care and 118
Since 1995, there has been talk of reforming the continuity of assistance in the Region: we all know that the on-call medical service is inefficient and a waste of resources. But it represents a security that mayors do not want to do without, otherwise residents would not feel safe without a doctor at night.
However, there is a paradox that we know all too well: the emergency medical service is there, and Doctor 118 on the other hand is not.
118 provides for the presence of a staff consisting of an emergency doctor, a nurse and a driver. There are currently nurses and drivers, but no 118 doctors and general practitioners are called upon to initiate pregnancy, without training and without permission. Fully Lucanian practice.
Where is the training of the 118 doctors that we have been waiting for for four years now?
Given the inconsistency and knowing the issues well, why not implement the assistance continuity reform through the reallocation of EMS and 118 competencies?

Hospital medicine
Before preparing my conclusions, you will now allow me a small excerpt on hospital medicine.
Known to all – health workers and citizens – the crisis situation in the Lucanian hospitals, in particular San Carlo di Potenza and Madonna delle Grazie in Matera; The condition is more common by the peripheral structures.
I think the question you asked about the “Miulli” hospital in Acquaviva delle Fonti is incredible: isn’t the political burden to strengthen or create local health services so that healthy immigration is reduced? Citizens are free to treat themselves wherever they want. Among other things, Miulli has been raised, even a few years ago in danger of closure, and has become a center of excellence of reference also for other regions, thanks to the valuable work of one of our compatriots.
This is to remind the entire ruling political class that our land is full of people of high value and there is not always a need to go out in search of the skills to manage our facilities and our health.

I used to use adrenaline in pediatrics, I must say that in politics you did not use it much, did not solve critical matters of health and leave it worse than what you found when you entered the territory.

I conclude by saying that setting the PNRR, which you totally missed (er, there was a pandemic!) – saturation delays that are hard to remediate with changing the resident guard – would have required and involved all actors in the system. This is not only in the implementation phase, but also, and above all, in the planning phase, which is being consumed over the heads of citizens and the future of Lucanian healthcare.
If there is a sudden change of course, it may be time to take charge of the development we want to achieve through the NRP. We Kananis are in dire need and I, like my other colleagues, are fully prepared to put ourselves at the service of restructuring healthcare in our region.
I now hope that your successor – to posterity I leave the task of investigating the real political causes of the cabinet reshuffle – will take into account the problems I have presented to you that have not yet been resolved and may realize their magnitude. Collective action at this moment is necessary to restore the health status of Basilicata.

Giovanni Asprilla
Senate General Practitioner


the voice of politics
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To my colleague Rocco Luigi Leon,
Former Health Adviser of the Basilicata District,
Regional advisor at Fratelli di Italia.
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