“The virus is at the beginning of its development, caution is required against variants” –

From Ilaria Capua

Virologist: “SARS-CoV-2 has already infected more than 50 species. It will not be what it was before the epidemic.”

Just as the yes or no mask debate has raged, at a time when everyone seems to have contracted Covid 19, it seems to me that human myopia has once again replaced common sense. The Sars-Cov-2 won’t go away during or after summer. SARS-Cov-2 is a virus in the beginning of its race to endemicity, it is at the beginning of a great cycle that will last for years and years, certainly decades; But I think even centuries. On the other hand, measles (also Ibn Uhud extension and spread) This is where he has kept our company for more than two thousand years. The woodworm that stirs souls between anguish and liberation is: What will happen in the fall? Will it be necessary to return the mask? We will have to re-vaccinate? Will there be any new closures?

Let’s start with the hateful closing: This is an extreme measure used only when there is a risk of collapse of the hospital system. It’s a real extreme cure: the virus doesn’t turn it off and the only thing to do is to stop people physically precisely because the virus isn’t transmitted alone but on board humans. But then masks and other preventative measures are intolerable? We know that the less we use it and the higher the risk of heavy traffic with the consequences we have experienced in the past two years.

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Let’s put our souls in peaceBecause the beginning of the evolutionary cycle of this virus is still in its infancy. We have more than 50 animal species that have been infected, and in some species the virus has become endemic. Unfortunately, to almost everyone’s surprise, in less than a year the virus has infected dogs, cats, mink, hippos, and wild deer populations in more than 20 US states. What happens in domestic and wild populations around the world is unknown (there is significant data only in Europe and the United States). In addition to The virus runs there where the vaccine didn’t arrive There are no requirements for implementing other non-pharmacological prevention measures.

So what should we expect, in the coming winter that already seems dark and cold to us, surely not because of the iniquities of Sars-Cov-2? It is expected, like any self-respecting coronavirus, New variants or serotypes will appear (an extra degree of distance) also by the recombination mechanism, which is typical of this viral family. In short, clown viral strains can appear with characteristics unknown to us.

We’ll have to chase them down, we’ll have to put restrictions on us Or worse than the new closures? Do we fear a new winter of pain? As much as you hate having to write it down, the new natural It will not be what it was before the pandemic. Because we will have to fix our lives in the presence of this hidden enemy. The enemy that not only risks hurting you, but also keeps you stuck at home, blasting the joyful moments we’ve been waiting for so long.

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But there’s more and I think we appreciate it these days of transportation chaos. Sick or injured workers in the high mobility sector cannot return to work and thus delays are generated in the security and check-in processes that generate Huge queues gather at many Italian and European airports. These are precisely those situations that favor infection and increase the risk of the spread of emerging variants.

It seems to me a contradiction in the face of a new potential wave An epidemic against which we know what to do, we ignore annoying behaviors but they work. In contrast to other violent, bloody, and horrific contemporary threats, on the other hand, I don’t see behaviors that individuals – I mean citizens – can perform and expect the same outcome. That is, they work.

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