The video that made the UK smile

During the four-day celebrations held in the United Kingdom on the occasion of Eid Platinum JubileeAnd the One video in particular made the web move and smile. Queen Elizabeth II, in the midst of celebrating her 70th anniversary, has once again found a way to surprise her subjects. she is fromfor better or for worse, It has become a symbol of one of the most influential countries in the worldIt also took the time to do so Totally unexpected encounter: one with Paddington Bear.

Paddigton isWithout any doubt, Another symbol of British traditionA character who has accompanied millions of children from generation to generation. Prestige has opened the doors of Buckingham Palace to the UK’s most famous bear To drink tea with His Majesty himself.

In a short film produced by Heyday Films & StudiocanaHe went aired on bbc, Elizabeth II and Paddington are having tea in a palace room, under the watchful eyes of a butler looking suspiciously at the funny bear. In the video, Elizabeth II shows a sense of humor and irony that many did not expect.

on twitter, Michael Kwan – BCC Journalist – Publication The entire video is two minutes long. Commenting on the organised curtain: This scene is on par with, if not better than, the James Bond Olympic scene. The Queen is having tea with Paddington – it’s amazing that at 96 and after 70 years on the throne she still has the power to surprise.”

Here is the short video link: Elizabeth II having tea with Paddingotn

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