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YouTuber Avatar Nick created his own version of Arceus Pokémon Legends Even before the real game came out. Now, show it to us in a working copy in a file Video, with every 898 Pokemon included.

This fan-made version of Pokémon Arceus Legends was created via Unity. We don’t know how many Pokemon, exactly, will be included in the real game, but to not take a risk, Avatar Nick has included them all. Obviously, as you may have guessed, innovate Nearly 900 Pokemon Alone it is impossible to do in a short time. However, the YouTuber has taken advantage of the fact that models of all the creatures are available online, while the animations can be extracted from Nintendo 3DS games.

Obviously, it is not enough to just create Pokémon and place them in a large map that looks more or less Pokémon Arceus Legends. Avatar Nick also worked on the character, using the Red form from Generation I Pokémon. In addition, he created a file combat system Using the real stats and moves of a pokemon, he listed the possibility of catching a pokemon by throwing a poke ball (using equations that everyone can find on Wikipedia as a reference point for calculating the success of a capture).

He also entered a number of pokemon ride It was revealed in Pokémon Legends Arceus trailers. The only problem is that one of the Pokemon – Basculegion – is not present in the previous games, so he replaced it with a model from Red Gyarados.

This is a fan-made project that obviously won’t be released, but it’s an interesting experience. Finally, we refer to the dimensions in D1 for Arceus Pokémon Legends.

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