The video on the highway is impressive

We often watch very special videos on car videos. But perhaps no one had seen such a man before. It actually happened, and it’s not a car at all.
Every day we watch loads of videos on the internet, some of which are going viral, of vehicles capable of truly amazing performance. Often these are supercars or models that are able to reach really amazing speeds without much effort.
Fiat Ducato (reddit)
But if one means of action works, well, you can just remain speechless. This is what happened to the driver with the Fiat Ducato 150 Multijet, while traveling along one of the highways on German soil. That sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Anyway, this has already happened, as we can easily see in a YouTube video. However, it contains very little of the classic Ducato. Especially from a performance point of view.

Fiat Ducato 150 Multijet, other than work vehicle: supercar video

Fiat Ducato. A car that Fiat has produced since 1981 and has brought a lot of luck to the Italian company from that moment on. A vehicle popular for commuting to work, transporting loads to be shipped later. For example, the engine shown in the movie will have a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine complete with 148 horsepower.

Very modest numbers, if you like. Especially if we think about what can be seen in this video: more than 150 horses! To show it all, TopSpeedGermany channel. Ducato’s protagonist is a model from 2013 and he’s been pushed like no other. Even in addition to what the odometer actually shows i.e. 180 kilometers per hour.

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Let’s be clear, it definitely does not reach supercar speeds, it does not touch 300 kilometers per hour at all. But, of course, this Italian truck outperformed itself, and even exceeded the odometer values. Looking at the video, we can easily see that the Ducato was able to easily overtake many motorists and thus be able to have a free lane on its way – remember that there are no speed limits on German motorways.

In a sense, a real show of strength for a completely unpretentious car. Surely, with such a car, the arrival of cargo will not be long. It’s best not to imitate certain “roads” considering the high speed at which the Ducato is used in this video, but that’s definitely another matter. It is better to “settle” on a conventional truck, especially in Italy.

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