The Vatican, Pope Francis’ final turning point: stop concessions to the Curia. “Rent without discounts for the Cardinals”

Cease the privileges of cardinals, presidents, secretaries, undersecretaries, and leaders Holy See. Pope Francis may soon sign a provision abolishing the use at preferential rates of property owned by entities referring to the Holy See to meet the financial needs of the Vatican, as well as with the aim of allocating new resources. needy. There are still no official confirmations on the matter, but previews of the Pope’s possible move have been posted on the site Mass in Latin. The respective privileges that are available today to Curia operators are, for example,Free stay or so-called «Accommodation contribution»which makes you share the rent or costs of the room or house. Now, however, everything can change and rents can become equal to the rents of any other hosted tenant. The draft text states that any possible exception must be authorized by the pope. This will only be the most recent change initiated by Pope Francis in chronological order. Last week, Bergoglio reiterated his refusal during the private hearing Cardinal Arthur Roche – In the Latin Mass confirming what is decided in it Tradition custody From 2021. The rule was determined by Benedict XVI at Summorum pontificum 2007, and his overturning became one of the most controversial rulings of Francis’ pontificate, to the point of dividing the Church into two opposing schools of thought.

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