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The vaccines are effective against the variants but Germany is closing the doors to the British

It is with great satisfaction to know that AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are very effective against the highly transmissible Indian variety that is now spreading in the UK. However, studies show that both doses are essential for protection, so the UK government is working to ramp up the administration of the second doses. Matt Hancock, Minister of Health in the United Kingdom, indicated that “the new data revealed that the vaccine becomes very effective after the second dose. This means that the vaccine must be done as soon as possible. This is a collective effort.” The whole nation is a team and we can all get out of it with just the first and second dose vaccination. “

France is on alert

Across the Channel, France is also rapidly monitoring the vaccination schedule as new variants emerge. Bordeaux residents are given priority. Here we are interested in the British variant. Focusing on the situation in the UK, French ministers are considering imposing tougher coronavirus restrictions on British tourists who may come. “The arrival of the Indian alternative and the increase in related cases in the United Kingdom is a problem, and therefore we are very vigilant with the British authorities. It will not be a red list treatment but an intermediate one,” the French foreign minister said. Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Germany closes its borders to the British

Germany has already categorized the UK as a newly vulnerable region. As of midnight Sunday 23 May, those arriving in Germany from Great Britain and Northern Ireland can only enter the country if they are German citizens or residents.

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Spain opens its doors to the British

On the other hand, Spain has no restrictions, and British citizens can come to Spain without restrictions. Although the UK has Spain on the yellow list, which means it does not recommend its citizens to go to the Iberian Peninsula, the British are still welcome on the Spanish coast.

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