The US Senate gives the first two green lights to the judges nominated by Biden

The senators then gave their approval to appoint Julian Xavier Niles to New Jersey federal court, and then Regina Rodriguez, to Colorado federal court.

The designation of the first, a 56-year-old African American, was approved with 66 to 33, and the second, a 57-year-old Mexican American, and a Japanese American, approved 72 through 28.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised A turn for the new democratic administration.

that they The first of many judges to be seen by the Democratic-led Senate [la nomination] To restore balance to the federal judiciary, he said before voting.

The massive arrival of more than 230 conservative justices, some of them young, appointed by Donald Trump to various courts during his one term, has changed the ideological position of many courts, including the Supreme Court, where Republicans have been able to do so. Appointment of three judges.

Two future justices will be able to sit in their courts a few years after failed appointments to the Republican-majority Senate. They were appointed by Democratic President Barack Obama in 2015, but because there was no vote for all elected officials, their appointments expired.

Mr. Nils is currently the Director and Acting Legal Counsel for Bergen County. Ms. Rodriguez is a former federal prosecutor who became a partner in a law firm.

More different courts

Before the vote, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin stated inside the Senate complex that the two candidates would be presented to the nation’s courts. Diversity of experiences and demographics that they need the most.

The face of justice is often just as important as the facts of justice, begged.

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The appointments that Joe Biden has made so far indicate not only an ideological shift, but a demographic shift if they pass the Senate stage. Of the 19 people nominated by President Biden, more than half are women and many are heterogeneous.

By comparison, 84% of the judges appointed by his predecessor were white and 76% were men.

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