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The US Senate blocked a Democratic measure to ensure nationwide access to abortion

The US Senate has unacceptable Democrats’ proposal to enact the landmark 1973 ruling that legalized abortion at the federal level. The measure would have ensured access to pregnancy termination procedures across the country, but to be approved, he had to receive 60 votes out of the 100 available votes. He was banned with 51 votes against, 49 votes in favour. All Republicans voted against it and were joined by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, known for his anti-abortion stances.

The result of the vote was still clear, but the intention of the Democrats was so
Forcing senators to take a clear stand by voting, and thus applying pressure as November approaches, midterm elections will be held to renew all House seats and one-third of the Senate seats.

The vote in the Senate came on the day the nine Supreme Court justices are meeting for the first time after the publication of a draft decision from the same court that appears to want to overturn “Roe v. Wade.” Abortion is legal in the United States thanks to this ruling, but there is no single law that specifies how to do it. Which is why every state is able to regulate itself with great autonomy and, in fact, limit interruption of pregnancy: something that has been happening for years in Republican states.

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