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The US is contemplating a bubble with Spain and Australia ahead of the Olympics and is asking for flexibility on the menus – OA Sport

American basketball is in full swing after the unveiling of the Tokyo Olympics group formation. In fact, he is studying a bubble in Las Vegas with Spain and Australia to prepare for the five-circuit tournament, according to the general manager. Jerry Colangelo.

This is also in light of the many Spanish and Australian players who play in the NBA, many of whom are particularly famous. The NBA rhetoric flares up in a strange triangle between NBA, the International Basketball Association and the chief information officer.

According to ESPN, in fact, the petition would have started directly at the address of the federation and the International Olympic Committee In order to proceed with the deadline for reporting the lists of candidates for the tournament, which is currently set, excluding injuries, on July 5.

This is because very few days have passed between the end of the NBA Finals and the start of the Olympics, with all the consequences of the case: Those involved cannot be brought to Tokyo, as well as, most likely, even those who played in the Conference Finals. And the question, at some point, also extends to pre-Olympics. Collangelo appealed to the fact that these are different times, they should behave differently. What happens will be revealed in the coming weeks or months. If this happens.

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