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The United States will deploy six B-52 nuclear bombers to Australia

ROME, Oct. 31 (Askanews) – The United States is about to deploy six B-52 nuclear bombers to Australia. Written by Australia’s ABC, it reported how the move is likely to cause severe irritation in parts of China.

According to the Australian television network, Washington is expected to build facilities dedicated to these giants of the sky at Tindall Air Force Base, in the city of Darwin, northern Australia.

According to detailed plans released by ABC, these facilities will serve as waiting areas and maintenance centers for “six B-52s.”

The location of the nuclear bombers in Australia, according to Becca Wasser of the Center for a New American Security consulted by ABC, the development is a warning to China at a time of particular tension over the Taiwan issue.

“Having bombers that can come and attack China can be a very important signal to China that any of its actions in Taiwan can expand further,” Wasser said.

The United States is consolidating its military assets in northern Australia in an anti-Chinese manner. Recent moves include expanding the Pine Gap intelligence base, which would play a central role in a potential conflict with Beijing.

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