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“The United States wants Europe to depend on its gas”

By pressuring its European partners to impose more sanctions on Russia, Washington is trying to increase their dependence on US natural gas supplies. This was stated by Deputy Russian Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky.

“Our pragmatic American colleagues continue to pursue the maximum economic benefits without any regrets,” Polyansky said, stressing that Russia has the ability to stand up to the consequences of Western sanctions. “The only country that loses in any way is Ukraine. But it seems that the Kyiv authorities did not notice this, or pretend not to notice it ».

Polyansky added that the Russian armed forces would destroy “the old weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine.” NATO members in Central Europe seem satisfied. They no longer have to think about how to get rid of Soviet-era weapons.

“Despite their promises to deliver new weapons to Ukraine, they ship equipment that does not shoot and does not move, knowing that Russian forces will grind them and thus eliminate the problem of their disposal,” the diplomat added.

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