The United States unveils the Stealth B-21: the bomber of the future capable of evading security systems and carrying nuclear weapons

The Pentagon disclosed a file bomber affiliate future, the first to be introduced to the world in 30 years. It’s about the nuclear stealth, B-21 Raider, and it will be the backbone of Air Force operations for decades to come. With her bat shape she is capable of evade Even the most complex systems If “its appearance is majestic, then what is behind the space-age frame and leather is even more impressive,” said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during the presentation at a heavily guarded Air Force plant in Palmdale, near Los Angeles.

The bomber is able to carry weapons nuclear And the Normal And designed to fly without crew On board, it “will enhance U.S. deterrence capabilities today and in the future,” Austin added, noting that the aircraft incorporates “50 years of advances in low-observation technology that makes it difficult to track in the skies even for the most advanced air defense systems.” Also using an “open system architecture” that allows for the integration of “new, yet-to-be-invented weapons”.

Details of the B-21 project, the first aircraft of the so-called sixth generation technology, are top secret. The offer made is one of six in production and the US expects to have 100. The bomber program was developed by Northrop Grumman Inc. The cost is about $80 billion.

The Pentagon wants to use the Raider—named after the American Doolittle Raiders that raided Japan in April 1942—to replace the B-2 Spirit and B-1B Lancer, and wants to explore the possibility of remotely flying them. More than 8,000 people work on the project. Before getting to the final design, Northrop CEO Grumman noted Cathy WardenThousands of Possible Versions Evaluated: Numerous online tests were conducted before the devices were built in order to reduce costs. “We’re taking the technology of the future,” Warden highlighted, “and bringing it here, in this plane.”

The first flight of the B-21 is scheduled for next year. The US Air Force plans to purchase at least 100 aircraft of this type.

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