The United States unites 30 countries to fight ransomware

An Amnesty International report links an Indian cybersecurity firm to a program Android Spyware Used to target prominent activists.

The investigation comes from the team Amnesty International, which confirmed a spying case against a Togolese activist and also noted signs of the spread of spyware in several key regions of Asia.

according to AI Android spy software has been linked to Indian cyber security company Innefu . Labs After the company’s IP address is repeatedly used to distribute the spyware payload.

in a Message written to AI, Innefu . Labs denies any involvement with Team Donot

“From the outset, we have strongly denied any link between Innefu Labs and the spyware associated with the “Donot Team” group and the attacks against a human rights defender in Togo. As we mentioned in our previous message, we are not aware of any “Donot Team” and we have no relationship with them.

In the letter dated 09.20.2021, reference was made to the Xiaomi Redmi 5A phone, which allegedly had access to the IP address of Innefu Labs, as well as to some other private VPN servers to gain access to the Ukrainian hosting company named Deltahost. We believe this phone does not belong to anyone associated with Innefu Labs. The mere fact that our IP address was accessed using this phone does not de facto implicate Innefu Labs in any of the alleged activities” – Innefu Labs.

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