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The United States sounded the alarm

quarrel between tik tok And the USA is not over yet. Over time, the platform promised to increase the security of its users, shutting down access and thus data leakage to the headquarters in China, but from what emerges from its investigation BuzzFeed China is still unable to Spy on users From TikTok.

The investigation yielded a great deal of evidence. Of the 80 recordings of meetings held at China’s TikTok headquarters, where ByteDance engineers and executives discussed security and privacy, on 14 occasions, the incursion into the app’s user data was confirmed in the United States. The recordings relate to a fairly short period of time, from September 2021 to January 2022 and refer to technical and management meetings.

previous president Donald Trump He tried to prevent US TikTok data from leaking to China, first by trying to force ByteDance to sell TikTok, and then by tracking down the download of the app itself. In the end, Trump’s actions against the app had no effect.

China Spying on TikTok Users: What We Know

This is nothing new: TikTok has always been at the center of the debate, as well as other widely used social apps, due to the risk of data leaks. To heighten the alarm about this possibility was the trend of this data towards China.

The systems developed by the US offices of TikTok were useless, and user data was like an open book. This is what emerges from his investigation BuzzFeed which monitored and examined 80 secret recordings extracted from several meetings of ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, in China.

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The leaked recordings indicate significant unimpeded access to US user data in at least 14 cases. For example, a TikTok manager, at a meeting in September 2021, was told that one of its engineers was a real “chief manager” and that he had access to everything. In another case, also in September, a member of TikTok’s trust and safety department claimed that there are no hitches and that you can see everything from China.

How TikTok protects itself from Chinese spying

In 2019, the US Committee on Foreign Investment began investigating the effects that TikTok could have on national security. In 2020, then US President Donald Trump threatened to ban the app for fear that the Chinese government would use TikTok to collect personal information about American users. At the time, TikTok claimed that it had never shared user data with the Chinese government and would not do so if asked.

Investigations like those of BuzzFeed They’re coming out a whole other story about whether or not the data is leaking out of the US. “We know that we are among the most audited platforms from a security standpoint and we aim to remove any doubts about the security of US users’ data.TikTok spokeswoman Maureen Shanahan said when questioned in the investigative report. But in what way?

As mentioned publicly, we have engaged world-class internal and external security experts to help us advance our data security efforts.The spokesperson said, adding that as of May, they have created a new internal division, US Data Security (USDS) to provide a greater level of focus and governance on data security in the US.

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according to Adam Segaldirector of the Digital Policy and Cyberspace Program, is not sure that the measures taken by TikTok’s US headquarters will be enough to protect users from Chinese spying.

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