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The United States, Skittles candy was dragged to court for using toxic chemicals

The Skittles family has been accused of being unsuitable for “human consumption” due to the presence of a toxic chemical.

The Skittles They were accused of being “unfit for human consumption” due to the use of a chemical substance Toxic actually found in synthetic dyes. The lawsuit filed Thursday in the Northern District of California, United State, In fact the plaintiff sees Genel The Times Mars Inc. claims. – the company that actually produces the sweets in question – they deceive customers and endanger their health due to the use of titanium dioxide, which is used to obtain typical shades of candy.

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It must be emphasized that, in fact, in the now distant 2016 Mars announced its commitment to phasing out the chemical in question, stating that it would completely remove artificial colors from its products over the next five years. However, the Times claims that it purchased a package of Skittles in April of this year which still contain traces titanium dioxide – and certainly the fact that the latter is easily reported among the product’s ingredients, and is available online, certainly does not help the cause of Mars.

The use of TiO2 in food is controversial: while it is commonly used in industrial applications such as paints, plastics, inks and adhesives, scientists have indicated that its presence in the human body can lead to a number of health ailments — including harm. chromosomal and cellular neuroses – so much so that France He introduced a complete ban on its use in food products in 2020.

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