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The United States reveals Putin’s possible plans. Russia is planning a “false flag” operation.

The United States reveals Putin’s possible plans. Russia is planning a “false flag” operation, and the ministry representative said that Vladimir Putin could prepare for further actions in the near future.

The United States reveals Putin’s possible plans. “We have intelligence indicating that Russia is preparing a hoax operation,” said State Department spokesman Matthew Miller at the news conference. The representative of the ministry said that Vladimir Putin could prepare for further measures in the near future. US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller announced during a press conference on July 24 what would be the next actions of Russia, which invaded Ukraine in February of last year.

The Russians are planning another act, for which they will likely blame Ukraine. Is Russia planning a false attack? – Over the weekend, we saw horrific images of burnt churches and flattened apartment buildings. Today Russia attacked the granaries on the Danube. The consequences of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have never been more clear. said Matthew Miller .

In Kiev, a high-speed car driver ran over two National Guard personnel at a checkpoint, one of whom died on the spot (VIDEO)

We have information indicating that Russia may be preparing a false flag operation that will be blamed on the Ukrainians. Miller added that they had already threatened ships operating in international waters, and then this attack took place on the Danube. Matthew Miller also said that consultations are under way on ways to export grain from Ukraine.

We also have to admit that there is no perfect solution that would allow Ukraine to send the same amount of grain that it sent under the Black Sea Grain Initiative without reopening these sea lanes. He added that there was simply no way to transport enough grain through the Danube ports overland or in any other way. During the night between 23rd and 24th July, Russia attacked the port infrastructure on the Danube with drones. This is an alternative way to export agricultural products from Ukraine. The bombing damaged the grain barn.

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Drone attack in the Zhytomyr region. Last day, the Russians carried out an attack using drones, destroying an infrastructure facility in Zhitomir Oblast. Targets in the Cherkassy region were also attacked. The regional military department reported three casualties. Two drones explode in the fields and one of them hits an empty barn. There were no injuries. On-site emergency services. Iranian-made “Shahid” drones also flew over the Sumy and Poltava regions. Ukrainian air defense forces opened fire on them.

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