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The United States returns to the Paris climate agreement

As promised, President Joe Biden has officially begun the process of returning the United States to the Paris climate agreement.

The United States of America They will return in a few weeks to the Paris agreement on weather. As promised the new president Joe Biden The procedure began To return your country to the side of the vast majority of countries around the world. Now US diplomacy will send an official letter toOthersThe United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and after a month, American delegations will be able to return to participate in it Negotiations For the concrete implementation of the agreement.

Donald Trump’s exit from the Paris climate agreement in 2017

Donald Trump He had announced to the world that he would abandon it in June 2017, firmly affirming his positions Climate skeptic. But to break out of the deal, the UN action took years. And it came in November 2020, just as Americans have been voting for it Presidential elections Biden was crowned Democrat.

Barack Obama, President of the United States of America
Barack Obama at the opening of Cop 21, in 2015, in Paris © Andrea Barolini / LifeGate

It must be said that in the years of the Trump presidency, however, the Delegations Americans who attended PolicemanThe United Nations world climate conferences often hamper negotiations. In other words, the political exit was preceded by the official exit.

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Biden’s $ 2 trillion climate and environmental plan

What the world now expects from the United States is that the political return will precede the official return. In fact, the next COP 26 is scheduled to be held in November a Glasgow. Joe Biden’s challenge is getting his country to meet him Tangible achievements Already started.

The plan presented by the Democratic politician on the campaign trail is promising: The United States is expected to start producing 100% of its energy from Renewable energy And access to Carbon neutrality, Eliminating net emissions Carbon DioxideBy 2050. Biden also promised to restore his environmental and climate protection laws Barack Obama During his two terms in office, which Trump abolished in whole or in part. All with historical funding, 2 trillion dollars. The hope is not to disappoint expectations.

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