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It wasn’t exactly the start Blue was hoping for: The FIFA U19 World Cup started in Italy with a resounding defeat against the United States. In fact, the Americans win with a score that says it all: 37-96. blue Roberto Riccardi They could do practically nothing in the attack, as they are dominated by the greater physical strength of the Americans and the completely different rate of talent, which was further enlarged due to the previous problems of various diseases and with Julia Natalie NS Ashley Ajoh, two of the main points, did not enter the field.

Things were already closed in the first quarter, or rather from the seventh minute onwards. There is a huge difference between the two teams today, with really important talents on the roster including Sonia Citron, Jevel Spear et Lauren BatesPlayers who in the future could also see them come to the WNBA planet as champions.

The blues are making a great effort to score, with Martina Spinelli Only to find something before the second half of the race that seems like a very long time in the trash shows a huge difference between the two teams and, once again, the role of the Americans’ top gold candidate.

Italy’s next match will be tomorrow at 17:00 with Egypt, who lost today against Australia on a larger scale, with a score of 99-28. As if to say that, in the group, there are two bosses who lead.

Italy and the United States 37-96

Italy – Bovenzi 2, Leonardi *, Alevi 8, Natalie N, Torel 1, Spinelli * 13, Natifi * 2, Panzera * 2, Mping * 3, Nasraoui 2, Colonisi 4, Igoh Ni. everybody. Riccardi

STATI UNITI – Johnson 11, Spear * 14, Clark * 13, Wolfenbarger 2, Fudd 5, DeBerry 2, Verhulst * 6, Feagin 3, Paopao * 8, Ware * 5, Citron 15, Betts 12. All. Close


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