The United States of America, the Chamber approves the law that opens the way for the nationality of the “dreamers” –

The mark of change has reached more than 2.5 million irregular immigrants in the United States with the approval of the American Chamber of the ruling providing a pathway to citizenship. dreamer, And for immigrants who entered the United States as minors with illegal parents and immigrants who fled war or natural disasters abroad.
The‘Assent In the House of the American Dream and Promise Act, President Joe Biden said an important first step in reforming our immigration system, praising the approval of the ruling that opens the way for citizenship for dreamers. Biden is committed to working with the US Congress to develop a 21st century immigration system that is based on dignity and security, and capable of providing long-term solutions.


The bill met strong Republican opposition in the House of Representatives but gave the Democrats victory in First vote of the year On an issue that has not yet faced a sharp rise in Congress. The measure, which was approved by 228 votes to 197 against, provides legal status for the nearly two million Dreamers who illegally brought children and hundreds of thousands of other immigrants to the United States from a dozen troubled countries. The second measure approved in the chamber relates to a text intended to make it easier to obtain a residence permit for migrant agricultural workers, with a broader consensus: 247 votes in favor and 174 votes. It will allow one million workers. Agricultural immigrants Undocumented (and the government estimates they include half of the country’s agricultural workers) who in the past two years have worked, along with their spouses and children, to obtain certified agricultural worker status. We will be allowed to stay in the United States for renewable periods of five and a half years.

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Mexican border

Republicans insist that any immigration legislation enhances security at Mexican borders, which waves of immigrants have tried to penetrate in recent weeks, and accuse Democrats in Congress of ignoring the problem and President Joe Biden of fueling it by canceling restrictive policies of former President Donald Trump. , Even though the wave started while Trump was still in office. There is a lot in our country – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said – referring to the dreamers who like many immigrants have worked on the front lines during the pandemic. These immigrant communities strengthen, enrich and magnify our nation, and they must be allowed to survive.

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