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The United States monitors the Russian fleet

The stalking continues. Tirelessly. every day American aircraft They set out in search of something in the stretch of sea from Cyprus to Syria. They are anti-submarine aircraft or maritime patrol aircraft. In general, P-8As launched from American bases scattered in the Mediterranean, particularly Sigonella, all of which refer to the Levant or the Black Sea. A choppy search followed by long zigzag lines identified by satellites. Back and forth miles and miles, a long way forward Sevastopol a Latakia, And get back on track.

This chase has been going on for weeks. running From the inside We talked about the “yellow” of the Russian submarine that disappeared from NATO’s radars and NATO pursued relentlessly. In this case there was talk of Kilo on a mission that escaped from the control of the Western bloc and was able to move freely in Meditranio. Then another thing happened: Russian submarines exited in large numbers from Sevastopol base for a curious display of force. It never occurred that six submarines were all at sea at the same time. Someone thought it was all down to the words of Joe Biden, who called him a “killer.” Russian President Vladimir Putin. But there was also a coincidence with the Russian Navy’s submarine day, and Moscow might have been thought to want to send an interesting coded signal to the opposite Atlantic to “celebrate” the anniversary. However, if nothing else, those submarines moved and reached, according to many observers, the Syrian coast. This would explain why US aircraft continue to “plow” the field in search of something.

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Sure, the United States is starting to worry, not a little. Washington knows the Russians and knows how important Syria and the Levant are in Moscow’s plans. For this reason, they do not underestimate the problem of submarines arriving at the Tartous base: it cannot be just a message to the United States, nor a simple game to show NATO that it cannot recognize the enemies. Something even more hacking: Something that bothers Washington so much that it takes hours to fly its Poseidons. Some Russian observers believe that the Kremlin may have decided to launch a massive offensive against the rebels in the region Idlib. An option that goes hand in hand with some problems between Russia and the Turkey With regard to the de-escalation zone that was launched years ago at that last jihadist frontier in northwestern Syria. The proximity to the Turkish border and Russian bases in Syria makes this area extremely important. While the Syrian army forces are pressing for retake, Turkey has made it clear that it does not intend to give up that part of the territory that has been attacked by government forces: The message also came from Video posted on Twitter By the same Turkish army as the flames were seen after the Damascus attack. This step may seem insignificant, but in reality, it is appropriate that Ankara feels the need to post a video of the Syrian army’s attack on the rebels on its social media.

Can the arrival of Russian submarines or other units from Moscow be read with this key? Maybe. This would confirm the continued pursuit by US aircraft in the Levant, which may be concerned about the possibility that Moscow launches a very important attack on the rebel strongholds in. Syria. But it could also be a move to get Washington to understand that Russian units could go anywhere if they wanted to. Especially in the period of deep tension between Russia and the United States, when America seems convinced that the Russian problem is fundamental, but “second-best.” A regional power that must be kept at the base, say many deep American states.

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Russian forces are moving along the border with Ukraine, alarming Kyivian and NATO allies. The Black Sea saw all Russian submarines leave within hours. Another submarine has appeared in the Mediterranean, passing through Gibraltar, while a few other units have moved into the depths, likely out of Syria. Sweet on the bottom, Three of Nuclear submarines It appeared in the Arctic Circle in another show of force with imprecise lines. A series of moves indicate that the Kremlin may have a desire to “destabilize” the opponent by making it impossible for him to understand whether and where to attack and in what way. Of course, the use of submarines is especially important: unseen and ubiquitous underwater vehicles can be essential as weapons and as tools of “maritime persuasion” toward the enemy. Washington has warned and is watching Russian moves with great caution, He wipes them from the sky with his eyes. And above all, look at what is happening at sea, between the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, the (other) fronts of the new Cold War.

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