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There was no progress in the United States, where the results of Tuesday’s elections are still expected Thursday. Although Democrats have defended themselves much better than expected, and Joe Biden has boasted his party’s best result in the mid-term appointment, he remains certain that Republicans will be the ones to beat the House. …and thus the tenant of the White House would find himself a “lame duck,” without the support of at least one branch of Parliament, with the inevitable difficulties in carrying out his own policies.

However, the mathematical certainty that this will happen is still lacking. CNN at 17.00 on Thursday Swiss time allocated 400 seats out of 435: 209 to the “Reds” (Republicans), which is estimated to reach 220 or 221, and 191 to the “Blue” (Democrats). The majority is steady at 218.

However, at this point, the most attention is turning to the three yet-to-be-determined races for seats in the Senate. It can take days if not weeks for results in Nevada and Arizona. In the latter – again according to US TV – in Maricopa County alone, the most populous, at least 400,000 entries will remain to be counted. Not forgetting the possibility of disagreement and recounting.

Both Republicans and Democrats must win both challenges: the first to reach 51, and the second to confirm a tie at at least 50 which currently makes Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote crucial. Otherwise, to find out whether the Senate will also pass into the hands of the opposition, we will have to wait for the vote in Georgia on December 6. The outgoing Democrat will face Reverend Raphael Warnock and Donald Trump-backed former soccer champion Hershel Walker again. Both were unable to reach the required 50% of the vote in this round. Both sides are already pouring millionaire money into the southern state to fund the campaign for this potentially decisive battle.


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