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The United States is investing $65 billion to fight future epidemics

The United States of America invest well 65 billion against future epidemics They are among the first to think about defending against a potential new challenge.

It seems, in fact, that the epidemics will not end there. As many opinions have repeated, it appears that we are entering a decade of epidemics and precisely on this basis, The United States is trying to protect itself: details here.

What is the situation of Covid-19 in the United States

The epidemiological situation seems to be dictated by Covid-19 in the United States Visibly aggravated. According to official data reported by the United States, the daily average is 100,000 People in hospital for covid virus outdated recently.

Moreover, it seems that this is the first time that these have been recorded infection numbers Since this winter – when the vaccine campaign was still in its infancy – on US soil. The percentage of hospitalizations reported by official US sources is by 500% The past two months, especially in the southern part of the country.

Always referring to the statements, in the southern region of the United States intensive care It appears that it is full and the vaccination campaign will continue more slowly than in the rest of the country. According to data from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the largest number of infections is in Florida, with Approximately 16,500 cases of COVID-19 have been reported sign in.

Because the United States invests $65 billion against future epidemics

The White House Suggest a plan from 65 billion dollars To be able to fight future epidemics in a more efficient and timely manner. This occurred on the assumption that there was a reasonable possibility – according to US estimates – that this COVID-19 It may not be the only epidemic that will occur over the next few years.

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It seems, in fact, that over the next decade, the arrival of new foliar epidemics has come for who knows what kind to expect. In fact, theThe arrival of a worse pandemic From Covid-19 to date.

From this assumption and in relation to the American proposal 65 billion plans, il direttore dell’Office of Science, Technology and Policy Eric Lander He stated that this is an opportunity to hone anti-epidemic skills, and it is an opportunity that cannot be underestimated in order to prepare and prepare for the next fight. Waiting won’t help, Eric Lander adds during his remarks at a press conference. It is for this very reason that the United States is proposing to allocate Billions plan.

What will the US pandemic plan funds be allocated for?

The proposed plan is presented by the United States Huge investment in the medical sector as well as in that technology. Specifically, the United States would like to be prepared in the event of sudden attacks with biological weapons, or accidents in laboratories, or even in general, new pandemic.

It seems, in fact, that the United States wants to be a country at the forefront of any bacterial or viral problems from now on, and this can only be possible Rely on scienceAnd for technology NS for medicine specialized.

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