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The United States is behind the crisis between Turkey and Italy

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s response to Prime Minister Mario Draghi was harsh. The latter, during a press conference, had in recent days called the leader of the Middle Eastern country a “dictator”.

Erdogan’s response came from Ankara: “The statements of the Italian prime minister – which we read in a statement carried by the Anatolia News Agency – who described the Turkish president as a dictator, rude and rude.”

The words are not circumstantial, but “officially” opened the diplomatic crisis with Italy. All this after the visit of Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio to Turkey. Italian deep state circles make it clear that it is not just a coincidence: “The United States wants to stabilize Libya and Italy led by Mario Draghi is the partner of choice for the operation. In recent days, Erdogan received the first“ torpedo ”through a press conference issued by the prime minister based on input from the Americans, and now Responds to launching an “anti-aircraft”.

In short, the “wanted dictator” has eaten the leaf, understood where Italy and the United States want to go and is not willing to sit idly by. Especially after Luigi Di Maio’s visit to Washington: “We share the concern about the presence of foreign forces” in Libya, said Di Maio after his meeting with the Under Secretary of State Blinken.

Words that were apparently not well received in the Anatolian country where Erdogan had, more than that after the meeting in Washington between the foreign ministers, every reason to doubt that the words of the Italian prime minister were not the words of “who will flee” but rather part of an American strategy. Too specific to expel him from Libya first and then try to overthrow him at home by influencing the upcoming elections by supporting opposition parties.

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