The United States, in New York, the vaccination duty for workers in the private sector is activated

Vaccination commitment for every everyone I Workers private sector a New York. This was announced by the outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio: “So we want to avoid a new wave of infections, starting with those associated with the variant OmicronIt is the first decision of this kind in the United States of America It will come into effect from December 27. Citizen One specified that employers in the private sector would have to request proof of vaccination from employees. Currently (from November 1) the commitment is valid for municipal employees, a total of approx 160,500 employees. Among them are not only administrative and office personnel but also police officers, firefighters, garbage collectors, building inspectors and other categories.. The mayor said he expects the new commitment to pass No legal opposition.

De Blasio also announced stricter vaccination rules for access to dining, entertainment and fitness venues. So far, at least one dose of the vaccine has been required, but from December 27 it will be necessary to complete the vaccination process. The restrictions also apply to children between the ages of 5 and 11. As of January, de Blasio will be handing the baton to his successor, the ex-cop Eric Adams.

At the central level, the Biden administration is instead facing some resistance on this same issue. St. Louis Federal Judge Matthew Shell Banned in 10 states Vaccine requirement for health workers wanted by the White House. The court order states that the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have no clear authority to enforce compliance. The injunction applies to ten states (Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, E Wyoming), all with the attorney general or Republican governor. Similar cases are also pending in other countries. The president also attempted to expand mandatory nationwide vaccination for large businesses, but was thwarted by federal courts.

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