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The United States has suspended the delivery of Alexander Vinnik, founder of BTC-E

On July 15, the attempt to extradite BTC-E founder Alexander Vinnik from France to the United States was officially put on hold.

But, according to Bilott, the decision would allow US officials to hold Finick in prison for longer than expected, before being extradited to Greece, where he was first arrested in 2017 and eventually to the United States.

In 2020, a California court charged Vinnik with computer hacking, phishing attacks, ransomware fraud, identity theft, and bribing government officials.

Vinnik denied for a while that he was directly connected to BTC-E, but the US, convinced otherwise, first shut down his alleged company in 2017 and then arrested him in Greece, where he was enjoying his vacations with the company. .

Since then, France, the United States, and Russia have been vying for Vinic on several counts.

And in 2020, despite a French court sentence to 5 years in prison, the United States continued to seek his extradition.

Wex was founded a few months after Btc-E closed and offered to continue Btc-E’s business, as well as pay off losses incurred by the company’s old clients.

However, Wex also had to ask in 2019 and its CEO was caught on multiple faces in different countries.

Since May 30, after Italy and Poland, detained in Croatia.

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