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The United States has found the formula to achieve climate goals

This year, in April, the Biden administration announced a renewed commitment to the Paris climate agreement. The goal now is to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The goal is ambitious, but it is not a pipe dream. According to a newly published analysis of current climate models, It is more than possible through strong and immediate action. Focusing primarily on the energy sector, analysts have shown the initial steps to be taken to triple the pace of the country’s historic cuts.

Over the next decade, the authors argued that green policies should expand for the power grid Runs on 80% of clean energy (Double today’s levels). To meet this pace and scale of change, the paper suggests that the United States should focus on deploying readily available technologies, such as solar and wind energy, as well as replacing heaters with heat pumps and Enhance the reliability of the power grid.

While it is good to know that there are ways to expand clean energy by 2030, the current review is clear on the details. As it is suggested Rely on substandard technologyincluding large storage facilities for solar, wind and carbon capture technology, the latter of which has not been shown to be operating on a large scale necessary.

Without government incentives, such as cost cuts and tax credits for electric vehicles, and renewables, the United States would likely be They will not live up to their updated climate commitment.

While these changes come at a cost, They also have great advantages‘, the authors wrote, ‘including the immediate and local benefits of improving air quality – and presenting opportunities for a more equitable distribution of both, which requires further investigation.“.

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The US energy and transportation sectors account for up to 89% of the emissions reductions needed to achieve the 2030 goals, and most of that can be achieved. Through the transmission of fuel.

Wind and solar capacity will have to be increased two to seven times more than in the past, while coal capacity will have to be reduced by 90 to 100%. This will require a complete shutdown of the factories. “The significant reduction in coal use also requires attention to a fair transition of people and Communities affected by these changes and their complex political economy‘, the authors caution.

If the United States succeeds in making this drastic shift in the energy sector, it can bring the nation to 66% of its 2030 goals. Changes in green energy can thus extend. towards other sectors of the economywhich helps reduce carbon emissions in all areas.

Electric Vehicles (EV) They will be an important part of this transition. They will have to increase car sales by 4% in 2021 to more than 67% by 2030.

The initial costs would be enormous, but so would the benefits. Some reports suggest a 53% reduction in emissions by 2030 It can save 140 billion dollars annually. The health benefits alone could reach tens of billions of dollars annually by 2030.

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