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The United States, demonstrations for the right to abortion

On Sunday, several American women’s organizations and civil society organizations organized a series of demonstrations in Washington, DC and other cities in the country, in defense of women’s reproductive rights, especially abortion.

The peculiarity of these demonstrations is that they were called a month before the midterm presidential elections in which the House and Senate are renewed. The Senate is renewed for only one-third of its members while the entire House of Representatives is renewed.

Demonstrations focused on the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the federal right to abortion and urging members of Congress who spoke in favor of the right to be elected in the November 8 elections.

The issue of the right to abortion entered the election campaign as a contrasting element between Republicans and Democrats, with Republicans focusing primarily on inflation, concerns about immigration and crime, and Democrats focusing on the debate over the right to abortion. In fact, attitudes regarding abortion also define some crossover in line-ups, both among proponents and among opponents.

In late June, the Supreme Court ended decades of federal protections for the right to abortion, leaving each state to set its own standards.

Termination of pregnancy is currently strictly prohibited in Alabama, Arkansas, South Dakota, Idaho, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia, according to data from the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The marches, led mostly by women, carried the slogans “We will not return”, “A feminist tsunami” and “Vote to save women’s rights”.

In the same sense, many protesters wore green bracelets or scarves, a symbol of the campaign in favor of abortion legalization.

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