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The United States cannot defend itself against the cyber attacks of Russia and China – defense and intelligence

The US government has been surprised by the threats of artificial intelligence technologies.

at Relationship Released yesterday, the US National Security Council for Artificial Intelligence believes that Washington needs “a major change” to keep pace with countries like China and Russia and ensure their security.

The document also highlights that the United States is “caught off guard” to defend itself against various threats emanating from artificial intelligence.

“The United States must act now and implement artificial intelligence systems and invest more resources substantially […] To protect their security and promote their prosperity. “

The report notes that with the increase in the use of artificial intelligence by foreign powers to obtain information and launch cyberattacks, the United States is lagging in protection from such threats.

He adds that the US government today “does not organize itself” in this area and needs “leadership” to be able to defend itself from the dangers posed by new technologies, and therefore, he remembers the importance of investing in this sector and “representation”. Directly against competitors, especially the Asian giant. The document warns, “We know that China is intent on overtaking us in the leadership of artificial intelligence.”

In recent years, many US government entities have been targeted by cyberattacks. The most recent was the North American nation’s electoral systems during the November 2020 presidential election.

It should be noted that the United States is afraid of all the progress China has made in developing artificial intelligence, supersonic missiles, anti-satellite and killer satellites, swarms of drones, highly maneuverable military warheads, lasers and dual-speed guns.

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