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The United States and the Papal State were united by the political acumen of Pius VIII

Pope Biden, when he was Vice President, welcomed Obama – ANSA

In the twenties The two Popes of the Marche were understood The great future that the United States had been waiting for. And create conditions for that Use and Papal State It was linked to diplomatic relations. They are Leo XII (originally from Genga) and Pius VIII (born in Cingoli). The first Pope unofficially threw the bridge across the ocean that the Caliph later taught Complete structure. Result made it possible through a series ofMediation is short and complex On the troubled geopolitical and religious chessboard The third decade of the nineteenth century.

In the footsteps of Pius VIII

First as mayor of Senguli and now Regional Health AdviserFilippo Saltmartini has been working for many years to consolidate cultural and commercial ties between Marche and United States of America. “Historically the number Pius VIII They were critical in establishing diplomatic relations Between the United States and the Papal State – Saltmartini A. -. After two centuries, we intend to follow every path we follow Our brilliant citizen. To define the Marche region and its people abroad Treasures Economic, cultural, food and wine. There is an even more critical need in the post-pandemic relaunch of key needs International markets“. Hours unit

The United States and the Papal State, the roots

It was 1788 when George Washington He has made Pius VI communicate, through Benjamin Franklin, in New Republic There was no need for any permission To designate a bishop By the Holy See. Since what The revolution led to the colonies It was freedom, including religious freedom. The Pope immediately appointed one of the Jesuits, Father John Carroll, to become America’s first Catholic bishop. The Pope has since established the Church hierarchy in the United States Free from any interference From the government. United States of America

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Wojtyla Reagan

To achieve full diplomatic relations, it was necessary He waited nearly two centuries. In 1984 they were John Paul II and Ronald Reagan To reap the benefits of relationships that started so far away. In the eighteenth century, the American mission in Holy See (Papal State) It was established with the primary purpose of protecting US commercial interests. Not long after the constitution was ratified, The United States has begun to admit The need for US consular representation Smell. The Eternal City was, at that time, there too Capital of the Papal State.

First Consul

He was the first American consul in the state of the Pope Giovanni SartoriPresident John Adams appointed him in 1797. Sartori was one of eleven consuls A. Represent America’s interests In Rome between 1797 and the fall of the Papal State in 18702. Despite their rule Case Of consular representatives, papal government content They are not one of those Console He described them as “extraordinary privileges and privileges”. Actually they are They were received at all official ceremonies On the same level as you Diplomats Representatives of other countries. “

A conciliatory spirit

Francesco Saverio Maria Felice Castiglioni He was born in Senguli (Macerata) on November 20, 1761 He had two of his papal predecessors: Celestino V and San Pio V, Papa Lepanto. He had a personality that he brought over to reconciliation. He didn’t take them face to face Situations Like more fundamentalist Leo XII. Countryman and predecessor on the throne of Peter. Pius VIII came out Elected by the Conclave For the ability to mediate between “Enthusiasts” and “politicians”. And among the lovers of Austroville and Francophiles. Move “snake wisely and with The simplicity of the doveHe did not like the word “immediately.” Because he did not like hasty decisions. He was buried in Basilica of St. Peter’s. From where to death Gregory XVI, The mortal remains were transported to Vatican Caves.

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