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The United States and Congress put pressure on UFOs

In light of hearing two pilots claim their opinion, many are demanding transparency from the government and armed forces

The government and military should make available information on UFOs available. This is the request of many representatives of the US Congress in light of the hearing in the House of Representatives scheduled for Wednesday, during which two former pilots who announced that they saw UFOs several times, respectively Ryan Graves and David Fravor, will intervene. But also ex-intelligencer David Grosch, who reports that the US has an alien spacecraft.

The hearing “is going to be different from the others,” asserts Republican Representative Tim Burchett, one of the staunchest proponents of making information about UFOs available. “We asked for documents and interviews with the pilots, but we hit the Pentagon wall. It’s ridiculous,” Burchett adds.

However, the Conservative MP is not the only one calling for more transparency on the part of the government. In fact, the leader of the Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, recently introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to make all government documents related to unidentified weather events public.

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