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The United States, an unusual injury to a baseball player: he was hit by a bottle of champagne

A professional baseball player sustains an elbow injury after being hit by a bottle of champagne.

Someone removes bottles of sparkling wine from sporting festivities: Remember the unfortunate case of Biniam Girmay, an Eritrean cyclist who achieved sporting news glories for his historic first stage victory at the Giro d’Italia, And then had to quit the competition after getting hit in the eye with a sparkling wine cork? What happened recently in United State It’s fortunately less dangerous (and even less tragic), but the facts share an obvious affinity: Lance McCuller Jr., player baseball A fighter at the American Aviation Summit, he sustained an arm injury caused by a blow to a bottle of champagne.

According to what was reconstructed, the crime would have occurred on the occasion of the celebrations after the victory houston astros, McCuller’s team, against the Marines in Seattle, when the protagonist was accidentally injured by a teammate who was, in fact, brandishing a bottle of French champagne. At first, the blow caused slight swelling, so much so that McCuller himself joked that, at most, he would take a few days off: “At the beginning of the week, we thought it would be worth giving me a few days off. He said in an interview.

However, the swelling began to expand and change color, forming a large red bruise. But the pain did not prevent McCuller from participating in the next match where he managed to put in an excellent performance. But in the celebration after the match, this time the player was seen wearing a flashy outfit elbow pad Quilted: It’s better not to take other risks!

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